Is registration free for publishers?

Registration on our Kwanko platform is completely free for all publishers.

What are the acceptance conditions to become a publisher?

You must :

  • Be of age or, if applicable, have your parents' permission to advertise. Please note that if you are a minor without your parents' permission, Kwanko will not be able to pay you your earnings

  • Have a website that meets the acceptance criteria (except in special cases: Wordpress, social networks etc.).

  • Have the right and the technical ability to advertise on your advertising spaces. It is imperative that you have the technical skills required to manage your advertising spaces.

  • Your content (website, mobile application or social networks) must meet certain criteria to be accepted on our network:

  • Respect for the law and Netiquette: your content must comply with the law (no incitement to hatred, violence, racism, paedophilia, etc.) and with Netiquette.

  • Accessibility: it must be online and or at a sufficiently advanced stage to be validated by our team. Websites under construction will not be accepted and your application will be automatically rejected.

  • Ergonomics: your website should be easy to navigate and easy to read. Also, the use of background color combinations and fonts that make your website unreadable may result in rejection. Make sure that the fonts used are readable in all browsers. Avoid an overabundance of animated gifs.

  • Your website must not have been previously submitted to the Kwanko Group (Netaffiliation, Swelen) and a website cannot be accepted twice. If you have bought a website from another publisher, please ask the previous owner to unsubscribe it by contacting the relevant publisher's department.

WARNING: A website that does not meet one of these criteria will be rejected.

If you change it sufficiently afterwards, we can re-evaluate it, but you will have to re-register.

How many accounts can I register?

You can only open one account (one entity) whether you are a company, an individual or an association. If you already have an existing entity with us, your new application will not be successful. You can only register one website for one language during registration. However, once your account is accepted, you can register as many websites, blogs, social networks and apps in as many languages as you wish.

What is the registration process?

We invite our partners to register directly by clicking here (If you are not redirected to the link, you can copy/paste the following url into your browser:

The information provided during registration allows our teams to have the necessary data to validate your account and to explain to advertisers the possibilities of your account in terms of ads. In addition, it will give you greater visibility with advertisers on our marketplace.

Your information must therefore be relevant and meet the following criteria (non-exhaustive list):

  • The description of the website must be complete and in the language of the country for which you are applying (for example: in French for France and in English for the USA/UK)

  • The language of the website must be the same as the one chosen at the time of registration

  • An up-to-date logo that makes it easy to identify you

Preferably, choose a URL that leads to a landing page written in the specified language.

Please select the country where most of your traffic comes from (e.g. if most of your visitors are Belgian, select French-Belgium).

Also, be sure to check the format and vertical that correspond to your type of broadcasting: the registration form will guide you in this step.