The management of websites and languages is carried out in the tab My websites, the creation of website allows you to apply and broadcast our campaigns.

1/ Manage / Add / Remove a website

To manage a website, select it in the left-hand menu. You can edit the website to complete your Publisher sheet (description, IAB categories, audience, url, type of audience, visitors per month).

Updating your information is an important step. Indeed, our advertisers have the possibility to invite you to join their affiliate campaign. The more detailed your solution is, the better your chances of joining our campaigns.


To add a website, select the Add a website icon in the left-hand menu. Adding a website allows you to apply a different tracking according to your solutions.


2/ Manage / Add and remove a language

To add a new language, select the website where you want to add a language, edit your website and then you have a drop down menu that allows you to add a language.