How to consult and interpret the statistics?

How does the dashboard work? 

When you log in, the dashboard gives you a quick and global view of your performances. You will be able to follow your main indicators: 

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Conversions

  • Earnings per month and progression vs N-1

  • Invoicing 

  • Top campaigns

  • New approved campaigns 

  • New ads available on the campaigns

How to use the statistics interface?

The statistical interface allows a detailed visibility of your performance per website and per campaign. Depending on the query, it will be possible to add filters to the table via the menu on the left: 


  • Campaign

  • Date range

  • Slot

  • Website

  • Website per language

  • Advertiser / Agency

  • Language

  • Country / GEO

  • Ad group

  • Technology

  • Conversions

Filter :

  • Date range

  • Websites

  • Campaigns

A second menu is available to modify the columns and optimize your statistics table according to your needs (on the right): 


How to access Kwanko Statistics APIs?

The Kwanko API allows you to access your information and data.

It can be used with any programming language to create scripts, bots or integrate data into your own information system.

To access the Kwanko API, a Kwanko account is required. For new users, a registration can be done on our website. Otherwise, log in to the platform, and go to the API management page.

The Kwanko Statistics API is available at the following link: