Content website

A website or blog with editorial content about a specific topic.


Website which has a community of members who benefit from monetary transfers of part of the purchases made via the website.


Website which offers an Internet user who is completing a form, or who has just validated it, to check an additional box to subscribe to an additional service.

Voucher code

Website which lists discounts: coupon codes and other good deals to use with e-merchants.

Generalist price comparison

Website that offers a comparison of prices and features on a type of product.

Online contest

Website which lists the contests available on the Internet.

Contextual targeting

Advertising network that displays advertisements in the form of a text link, based on the content of the page visited by the Internet user.


Metasearch  is the registration of an Internet domain name without creating any linked content. Websites created with these domains often place paid advertisements on home pages.

Email marketing

Database that relays offers by sending emails.


Website that offers Internet users to take an action (click, register, sell) in order to obtain a bonus in the form of a gift, reduction, raffle, ...

Ad Network

Advertising network that manages advertising space on behalf of websites.

Site Under

Website that displays a full page of an advertiser website, most often the home page, displayed below a visited page or in a new browser tab that appears when the browser window is closed.

Retargeting display

Advertising network that targets visitors who have not made a purchase from an advertiser website with a personalized advertising campaign while browsing.


Advertising network that serves ads via search engines (eg Google Adwords).

Retargeting email

Advertising network that targets visitors who have not made a purchase from an advertiser website with a personalized email advertising campaign.

Lead emulation

Website that offers the establishment of a mini-website with the objective of collecting intentional leads of the type of service offer (energy, insurance, ...).

Email newsletter

Database monetised by sending newsletters that group together several advertising offers.

Specialised shopping guide

Website that aggregates other websites of deal content into a single site.

Generalist shopping guide

Content website based on product / brand recommendation, usually in the form of an article that offers a promotion / benefit.


Advertising network specializing in the automated purchase of advertising space in real time on ads exchanges.

Retargeting on site

Advertising network which makes it possible to retain visitors to an online store by displaying a good plan, a voucher code, ... to encourage them to finalize their purchase.

Social ads

Advertising network that buys advertising space on social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, ...).

Social rewards

Dissemination of campaigns on social networks via online games. In exchange for virtual currency, Internet users must perform certain actions (click, lead, purchase or download).

Native ADS

Advertising network that uses so-called native advertising formats, with a very strong integration, or even a certain resemblance with classic editorial content.

Daily deals

Content website that lists deals and good offers (free delivery, promotion, destocking, price reduction, ...).

Loyalty Club

Website that has an exclusive / private community of members who earn discounts such as cashback, points, miles and tokens when they shop online.


Blog and / or accounts on social networks (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, ...) which relays advertisements in different formats (voucher code, banner, highlighting of a product, ...).

Mobile app

Mobile application that monetizes its advertising inventory (banners, interstitials, ...).

Mobile network

Advertising network specializing in mobile traffic that purchases inventories of advertising space on all compatible platforms for mobile use (applications, games, websites).

Mobile website

Website that monetises the inventories of the mobile version of their website (banners, interstitials, ...).

Conversion: A conversion can be defined as a visitor or recipient of a campaign performing the desired action. This action can be a purchase, filling in a form, downloading an application or a visit behaviour model.

Cookie: a text file sent from a website to a specific file in a user's web browser. Cookies are used to assign a specific identifier to a given user who has clicked on the affiliate link to an advertiser's website.

Macro: part of a parameter that will be automatically replaced by a value thanks to Kwanko tracking, e.g. &campaign_id={IDPROG} where {IDPROG} will be replaced by an unique campaign id, such as 30113.

SubID: Allows data to be sent when a user clicks on an affiliate link via specific parameters.

Third-party display URL: used to embed a tracking pixel or to track postview displays and conversions when using a third-party tracking technology.