Setup of the comparison tool for publishers

The tool is installed on a website with the Javascript code provided by our team. It is associated with a website and will display offers from all accepted campaigns eligible to the tool.

It loads an iframe of size 800x800 displaying 5 offers at a time.

The code to install : 

<script type="text/javascript" src="">


It must be installed in the web page, at the precise location where the tool should be displayed.

The XXX value is a website specific value that is provided by our team.

Note: this code can take up to 5 minutes to become active when retrieved from the platform.

Custom configuration :

Some parts of the tool can be configured by declaring a Javascript variable prior to the installation code, the values provided below are the default ones :


var kwkVtoolParams = {

   'bg-color''#F5F5F5'// background of the page

   'elements-bg-color''#fff'// background of an offer

   'pagination-color''#B2B4B4'// pagination numbers

   'button-bg''#E92F61'// background of the “view” button

   'button-bg-hover''#DD2F5D'// background of the “view” button when the cursor hovers

   'button-color''#fff'// text color of the “view” button

   'font-color''#000'// default text color

   'border-color''#F7F7F7'// border of an offer

   'input-color''#707070'// color for the texts of the filter elements

   'shadow-color''#1A1E811A'// shadow around an offer

   'show-header-title''1'// 1 to display the title, 0 to hide it

  'fix-brand'''// (when applicable) see below

   'fix-shop'''// see below



You only need to indicate the values that need to be changed.

These variables can also be given as URL parameters to the “/load” installation URL, they can also be hard-coded by our team to make sure they cannot be changed.

Here are some complementary information regarding some variables:

  • “fix-brand” : (only applicable if the tool has a brand selector) a comma separated list of brands to choose from, if only one then the brand selector will be hidden. Each value must match the brand names in the tool (see the brand selector)

  • “fix-shop” : a comma separated list of campaign IDs to choose from, if only one then the campaign selector will be hidden. It must match the merchant’s numerical ID in the selector

It is also possible to define an initial value for each filter. This value will be selected but can be changed (contrary to the “fix-” parameters). For that a parameter with the same name as the form element must be added to the “kwkVtoolParams” JS variable (or the /load URL), for example, to pre-select a brand, add the parameter “vtf_att_brand” with a brand name.

Privacy and consent (GDPR)

The tool doesn’t read or write any cookies. It doesn’t collect or store any personal data. The outgoing click to see an offer will redirect to a tracking page on Kwanko’s servers that might read and write a cookie.

It is possible to collect the consent regarding Kwanko and give it back to the tool by adding entries in the “kwkVtoolParams” JS variable (or the /load URL).

When using an IAB compatible CMP (Kwanko id is 702), the parameters are :

  • “gdpr” = 1 if GDPR applies and 0 if it does not apply

  • “gdpr_consent” = the TCSTRING that we will keep in order to keep track of consent

In any other case, the parameter “gdpr_kwk” must be given with value : 1 if Kwanko has consent, 0 if Kwanko does NOT have consent and 2 (or missing) if consent is unknown.

When no parameters are given, then we will evaluate if it should apply or not. If yes we will consider “no consent” as required by the GDPR.


Unless specified otherwise by our team, you don’t need to apply to campaigns associated with the tool as the tracking is done in a specific manner. Your website will be automatically accepted on a dedicated campaign and clicks and conversion will be associated with your website on that campaign.

The dedicated campaign will change according to the type of tool installed.